Dairy products

Dairy products company pioneers honest play are as follows:
Dairy products

•    Direct starter types (DVS) for the production of fermented dairy products (yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, kefir, etc.)
•    A variety of probiotic starters in combination with our starter, and strains the net
•    Start of inhibiting the growth of mold and yeast naturally in yogurt and cheese products (Fresh Q)
•    Rennet in two types of fungi (Hansen L 3000) and net Chymosin (CHY MAX, CHY MAX-M, FAR-M)
•    Kits for the detection of antibiotics in milk (Copan (CMT), Beta Star)
•    Of the enzyme lactase (Ha-lactase) and lipase (Spice- IT)
•    Natural food colors
•    Stabilizers for use in a variety of types of protein powders and milk yogurt (set, stirred and Review) (Jogustab)
•    Of sodium caseinate and calcium for use in the dairy, meat and ... (Lactonat)
•    Whey protein with a protein content of 60 to 80% for use in dairy, meat, powders, sports and ... (Lactomin)
•    Stabilizers and emulsifiers for the production of dairy products (yogurt, buttermilk, cheeses, flavored milk, cream, confectionary and breakfast)
•    Cocoa powder in a variety of colors and flavors in dairy industry
•    Different types of fruits and uniform compound for the production of yogurt with fruit pieces, fruit-flavored milk and fruit desserts


Title Producer
Natural Colors CHR-Hansen
Anti-Biotic Test Kits  CHR-Hansen
 Enzymes  CHR-Hansen
 Starter  CHR-Hansen
 Stablizers  Lactoprot
 Fruit Preperation  Orana
 Fruit Compound  Orana
 Emulsifiers and stabilizers for yoghurt products  Palsgaard
 Emulsifiers and stabilizers for cream cheese  Palsgaard
 Emulsifiers and stabilizers for yoghurt drinks  Palsgaard
 Emulsifiers and stabilizers for UHT milk  Palsgaard
 Emulsifiers and stabilizers for chocolate milk  Palsgaard
 Emulsifiers and stabilizers for whey drinks  Palsgaard
 Emulsifiers and stabilizers for mousse  Palsgaard
 Emulsifiers and stabilizers for UHT coffee creams  Palsgaard
 Emulsifiers and stabilizers for sweetened condensed milk  Palsgaard