Being capable of acquiring exclusive sale and distribution agencies from the world reputable companies and because of its obtained credit over the years, PPS Co completes the market basket of companies and develops the products and market through a professional process with the presence of technicians and experts in domestic and foreign exhibitions as well as evaluating the required products for industry.

Right now, PPS Co provides a wide range of products from European trusted brands as follows:


The products of Chr-Hansen Company from Denmark:

  • Different types of Direct Vat Starters (DVS) to produce fermented dairy products (yogurt, dough, types of cheese, kefir and …)
  • Different types of probiotic starters in combination with yogurt starter and pure strains
  • Different types of inhibitor starters of mold and yeast growth naturally in the products of yogurt and cheese (Fresh Q)
  • Two types of Meito Microbial Rennet (Hansen L 3000) and pure kimosin (CHY MAX, CHY MAX-M, FAR-M)
  • Milk Antibiotics Test Kits (BRT, Beta Star Combo)
  • Different types of Lactase enzyme (Nolafit and Ha-lactase) and Lipase (Spice-IT)


The products of LACTOPROT Company from Germany:

  • MPC with different percentages of 40, 70 and 85
  • Yogurt treatment agent with the trade mark of Jogustab
  • Water Protein Consternation (WPC) with various percentages of protein with trademark of Lactomin
  • Different types of sodium caseinate and calcium caseinate for different uses with trademark of Lactonat
  • Different types of protein powders to improve the tissue of meat products
  • Dough stabilizer
  • Skim Milk Powder
  • Demineralized cheese water powder with different percentages of 50, 70 and 90
  • Different types of acid and enzyme caseinate
  • Different types of lactose in different meshes
  • Different types of alternative powders of milk and skim milk in cheese with trademark of Combistab
And other various products


The products of Palsgaard Company from Denmark:

  • Different types of emulsifiers and stabilizers, related to food industries (dairies, ice cream, sweets and chocolate, oil and margarine, different sauces, meat products)


 The products of Ingredion Company from Germany:

  • Modified starches of corn, tapioca, rice, potato
  • The flour of beans and cereals
  • Maltodextrin (as emulsifier, stabilizer, thickener, an alternative for egg and protein without changing the taste of product, sweeter and fiber) used in milk industries, confectionary, bakery, meat products, various drinks, snacks and filled kernels (groundnut and …)
  • Providing Clean Label products without E no., modified physically
  • Providing particular products to control blood glucose, clinical nutrition, infants’ nutrition


The products of Orana Company from Denmark:

  • Different types of compound to be used in dairies, confectionary, drinks, desserts, ice cream and added-value products for infants, kids and athletes
  • Gelatin pieces of Nata De Coco, obtained from coconut milk to be used in drinks and desserts
  • Mango puree, pineapple crushed & banana puree


The products of Felda Iffco Company from Malaysia:

  • Providing and distributing expertise oils of sweet, chocolate, ice cream and confectionary cream industries
  • Providing the pure glycerin with medicinal and food grade