About us

PPS Co. was established in 1998, relying on more than 30 years of its managers’ experience. It was supposed to create a distribution channel, aiming to distribute food products. The best production brands of that time were supported by market basket of the company.

Given the obtained experience in the field of food industries, the foreign business of company was also established in 2001 by agency acquisition from Christian Hansen from Denmark, as one of the most reputable companies of the world in producing the effective ingredients of dairy products.

Since 2005 and acquiring other agencies due to complete market basket of ingredients and develop the products, it has changed the business from B2C to B2B. Expanding the facilities and substructures of distribution, it terminated the process of finished products distribution and started to provide and distribute the ingredients.

The scope of activity by PPS Co.

Collecting market information and its data, the company has annually evaluated its performance and accordingly, it has succeeded to attract customers and foreign suppliers. Therefore, this company has turned to one of the first choices of trusted brands of world these days.

Right now, more than 1000 active customers are supported by this company including dairy industries, ice cream, beverage, bakery and confectionary, fine food, edible oil and fat, meat industry, etc . Having subsidiary companies, it supports meat industries, snack, sauce and cosmetics as well.

Relying on knowledge and experience of managers, the pharmaceutical branch of this company has been also activated. To this end, with acquisition of Austrian OKOPHARM Company agency, the pharmaceutical supplements have been also imported from the mentioned company which is distributed by one of subsidiaries companies of PPS Co., distributing medicine professionally in Iran (Damavand Distribution Company).

The facilities of PPS Co.

  • More than 10000 square meters of mechanized warehouse, equipped with global standards and confirmed by Health Ministry and Foreign Suppliers
  • The feasibility of maintaining products, depending on expertise conditions of refrigerator, cold room and cold storage of below 0 (-18)
  • Providing the safe supply chain, meeting principles of optimum storage
  • Laboratory R & D