Currently, PPS Co.'s activities are based in the Dairy, Food & Beverage, Natural Colors, Ice Cream & Vegetable Oil Natural Colors, Bakery, and Confectionary Industries. This comes following an early 2002 activation of a new division in the company which deals with the direct importation and distribution of high quality food ingredients for the local food industries, focusing primarily on the Dairy Industry in Iran.
In order to best serve this industry in Iran, we established a partnership with CHR-Hansen Co., a premium quality food ingredient producer in Denmark. This partnership enabled us to cover Dairy, Ice Cream, Vegetable Oil and Beverage Industries as well.
Our aspirations to provide an even wider variety of products in the Dairy industry were realized in 2005 when we became a distributor of LACTOPROT Co., a well-established food ingredient company based in Germany.
The Lactoprot product range covers: Caseinates, Casein, Stabilizers, Whey Proteins, Lactose, Milk Powder, and Jogustab.
ORANA Co.,is another Danish company which P.P.S. Co. is distributing from. Their range of products covers: Stirred, Set Layered, Liquid, and Drinking Yoghurt as well as Fromage Frais, Milk and Whey Drinks, Ice Cream, Juices, Nectars, Ice Tea, Carbonated Drinks, Baking Jam, Pie Fillings, and Desserts/Toppings.
In 2011 P.P.S. Co. started to distribute products supplied by Palsgaard. This esteemed Danish company supplies us with our emulsifiers and stabilizers which have applications in the Dairy, Ice Cream, Sauce, Margarine, and the Bakery & Confectionary Industries.
As a result of these fruitful partnerships we have managed to provide premium raw materials and food ingredients to almost all of the dairy producers' country wide, supplying over 1000 Dairy and Ice Cream customers!
Our goal is to assist and aid our customers in every way that we can. Therefore, P.P.S Co. offers various free of charge services covering most aspects of the food industry. These services include Consulting, Technology Transfer, and Specialized Training Courses.
P.P.S Co. has a division which is responsible for international procurements and importation services for our clients. The responsibilities in this division consist of obtaining import licenses and local health and standard certificates. They also deal with the arrangement of cargo and shipping as well as attending full customs clearance. This section undertakes all aforementioned tasks promptly and efficiently without any extra charge.
At P.P.S. Co., we carefully consider our customer's sensitive inventory needs. With the seamless coordination of our Shipping Department, orders are dispatched and delivered throughout Iran in less than 24 hours.
Due to the nature of our products, we take the outmost care during the storage period in order to preserve quality and freshness. With specific reference to the CHR-Hansen dairy products required conditions, our company’s cold chain system boasts four refrigeration rooms at +4°C and a freezer room set at -18° C creating an optimal environment for our goods.
Our  Development
Due to our long term success and proficiency in distribution, we have acquired shares as well as established other companies.
 Faragir Pakhsh Damavand Co.is a prominent Iranian company, dealing with the distribution of Pharmaceutical products, specifically those requiring a cold chain system. Damavand Co. is supplying pharmacies, hospitals, and radiological clinics all over the country. At the moment, they have 10 branches and more than 1000 clients throughout the major provinces of Iran.
Amertat Co. Ltd.  (Save On Tejarat Amertat), is a private joint stock company established in 2012. They export and import laboratory instruments and medical devices in addition to raw materials for a diverse range of industries such as the Food & Feed and the Hygienic, Detergent & Cosmetics Industries.
 Finally, P.P.S Co. is committed to continue offering its premium quality products and professional services to those in Iran and abroad. Furthermore, we welcome any other international firms seeking to export their goods into our country and expanding their business horizon.